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  1. Dolores Crooks says:

    I need to order a new charge card – How do I do that?

  2. Richard Manders says:

    I need to cancel your services since I now reside in care facility at VA in King Wi.What is my final bill? Effective Dec. 8, 1914

  3. Karen Staebell says:

    I need to cancel my credit card. I no longer need it.

  4. Bobbie Austin says:

    I would like to change my payment due date. How do I do that when there’s no one to take the calls?


    I received a call on a loan for X-amount and I dnt think this s a real deal cause I dnt need to pay mone in green card to get loan deduct from loan and deposit the rest of the amount how u going to do this and don’t u b charing my acct for any bill till I receive confirmation of deposit if u deposit such money loan ive never had to pay up front to get a loan — red flag —–sorry dnt know how u got my info but I will find out to c if u r real mr h Salinas tks

  6. Cynthia Marion says:

    I attempted to make a payment on Dec. 20, 2014 and got a message that there was ZERO due and there was no record of my account. Today, Jan. 5, 2015, I received a double bill for Dec. 2014 AND Jan. 2015 with a late fee of $25.00. This card was opened by someone in my family who used my computer to do it. I never opened this account. It is fraud and I am paying 36% interest. It is impossible to pay off!!! Don’t apply for this card. I have tried to correct this but just like their billing errors, they are uncooperative to the fraud claim. Bad CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Carol S. Peebles says:

    I have been repeated called on my cell phone to tell me that my autopay for dish winter disconnect has not been able to be accessed on my Visa account. I called my visa account and they said they had issued me a new card and the NEW EXPIRATION DATE IS NOW 01/18. The Visa card number has stayed the same (you have it on file).
    So after trying three times to talk with your Dish rep’s I am so frustrated by their not understanding what I am talking about -all they want to do is get my Visa number which I am not giving them – all they have to do is look at my account and see it right in front of them. I do not trust them and I do not understand their accent either.
    I wished that after I had hung up the third time so mad and frustrated that I had said YES to your request at the beginning of a call back to tell how the experience went. Oh boy they would have gotten an ear full. So please change my account (expiration date only) and deduct for Feb. and March. Thank you! Carol Peebles

  8. robert j rice says:

    worst customer service ever! you wasted so much of my time trying to sell me something you lost a customer! my balance is now zero and will stay that way just cut up your card!

  9. Tom Stratton says:

    I have an account with Tires Plus however I can’t pay my bill because I can’t find Tires Plus accounts on this site, There is no place for me to enter an account number that I have found, so I can’t pay that way, there is no tires plus anywhere so I guess I am back to using a phone, for all the things this site seems to do the one thing you can’t do is pay your bill.

  10. Thomas J. Mauries says:

    I’m trying to sign up for paperless bills but I’m not having any luck?

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