The Convenience Of SouthWest Gas Online Bill Pay

SouthWest Gas logoSouthWest Gas is a Nevada based utility owned by the investors. The company is dedicated to supplying natural gas to around 2 million residential, industrial and commercial customers in different parts of California, Nevada and Arizona. With an aim to make things easier for the customers, the company has introduced a SouthWest Gas Online Bill Pay method, so that bill payments can be done online from the comfort of your own home or office.

How to do SouthWest Gas Online Bill Pay

However the company offers several other ways of paying bills, SouthWest Gas Online Bill Pay is the most convenient way of doing that. All you have to do is to log on to the Internet, sign in to your SouthWest Gas account, and make the payment. After logging in, you will have to provide your debit card, credit card or bank account details, so that the billed amount can be charged against it. SouthWest Gas Online Bill Pay is preferred by a majority of SouthWest Gas customers, probably because of its convenience level and 24/7 availability.

What else you can do with your online SouthWest Gas account

By logging in to your SouthWest Gas account, you can view your past and present bills, compare your gas usage patterns, see highs and lows in your bills and update your profile information. You may start, stop or transfer your service, and pay the bills online. You may enroll to their paperless billing system, so that any paper correspondence is instantly stopped, and you receive your bills via online only. In this way, you avoid the hassle of losing a bill, and also save the environment by minimizing paper use.

How SouthWest Gas Online Bill Pay is done

If you are paying your bills online, then these are the steps you will have to follow:

  • Log on to their website at
  • Click on ‘My Account’ on top of the page
    Screenshot 2014-12-03 16.16.42
  • You will be redirected to
  • If you are an existing user, you can log in by entering your email address and password, and clicking on ‘Login’
    Screenshot 2014-12-03 16.16.54
  • If you are a new user, click on ‘Create MyAccount’
    Screenshot 2014-12-03 16.16.56
  • You will be redirected to
  • Enter the required details here, and create an account
  • Your account web page will open, where you can view your account details and pay the bill

For more information, visit

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