Amazon Store Card Bill Payments

amazon logoAmazon is an e-commerce website selling a wide range of products via Internet, including clothes, jewelry, electronics, home furnishings, CDs, books, etc. They have separate websites for different countries, including UK, US, India, Japan, Australia etc. Customers can avail their Amazon store card, which they offer to their customers from GE Capital. You may use this card to log in to your online account at Amazon, and make your purchases in an easier and faster manner.

How amazon card can help in saving the environment

With an aim to minimize paper usage and save the environment, Amazon has come up with their frustration free packaging rule, in which the customer receives the product in its original packaging, without any extra covers and boxes. This not only minimizes paper use, but also makes it easier for the customer to open the package. You can log in to your Amazon account using your amazon card, and enroll to this service to contribute towards environment safety.

What else you can do with your amazon card

Once you log in to your Amazon account using your amazon card, you can add your desired items to your shopping card, and make the payment at the time of checking out. Your personal info and payment details and preferences are saved in your account, so that you do not need to enter every time you purchase from Amazon. You may also view your amazon card bill through your account, and pay it over the Internet.

How to pay your amazon bill online

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Log on to
  • Go to the footer of the website
  • Click on “ Store Card”
    Screenshot 2014-09-17 15.12.08
  • You will be redirected to
  • New users can apply for a fresh card by clicking on the ‘apply now’ button
    Screenshot 2014-09-17 15.12.28
  • Existing users can click on “Manage your account online”
    Screenshot 2014-09-17 15.12.42
  • You will be redirected to
  • Enter your Amazon Store card User ID
  • Click on ‘secure log in’
    Screenshot 2014-09-17 15.13.06
  • Your account web page will now open, from where you can manage your account and make your payment online

For more information, refer to their FAQs at, or seek their customer service help by logging on to

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