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credit acceptance logoCredit Acceptance is a US based company offering auto loans and other financial services to consumers and car dealers in the country. It works through its large network of car dealers, enabling them to sell vehicles to consumers regardless of their credit rating. With easy payment plans, consumers are able to make their payments on time, through which they can even improve their credit score. You can visit their website, and see how they help their clients improve their lives.

Facilities offered online at

The company offers a wide range of facilities and services via their online presence. Both consumers and auto dealers can log on to their website, and find the services of their advantage. As a consumer, you may find approval for your credit through the site, and even make your Credit Acceptance payment. As an auto dealer, you may seek partnership with Credit Acceptance, and start selling cars to prospective customers, even if they have a bad credit rating. On the site, you may also find the numerous ways with which you can make your payments.

Payment methods accepted by

You may visit any Credit Acceptance payment center near you, and pay the bill in cash, check or money order. You may drop your check or money order in their drop box too. You may also visit a nearby CheckFreePay, MoneyGram or Western Union location, and pay the bill in cash. You may also send your payment check or money order by US mail. You may call 1 800 634 1506, and pay the bill by phone by following their automated phone system, or by talking to their representative. You may use your bank’s online banking service to pay your Credit Acceptance bill, and pay it from your savings or checking account. You may either make a one-time payment, or setup automatic payments to make your payments.

How to pay Credit Acceptance bills online at

Here are the instructions to follow:

  • Log on to
  • Click on ‘Make a payment’
    Screenshot 2014-10-28 12.11.44
  • Click on ‘Set up automatic payments’
    Screenshot 2014-10-28 12.11.58
  • You will be redirected to new url
  • Fill in the required details, and click on the ‘submit’ button
    Screenshot 2014-10-28 12.12.53
  • Your account web page will open, from where you can manage your account and pay your bills.

For more information, you can find their contact details at

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