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century link logoCentury Link is a US based company providing voice, data, TV comm. and home security services to residential as well as commercial customers. They are renowned for their exceptional customer service, and with this in mind, they offer their services over the Internet as well. You can open a www.century my account over the Internet, and manage your Century Link services online.

What you can do with your www.century my account

With your www.century my account, you can view your paid and unpaid Century Link bills, and pay them online. You may enroll to their paperless billing system, so that you stop receiving any paper bills, thus saving the environment. You may also stop, start or change a Century Link service, update your profile information, compare your past and present bills, subscribe to newsletters etc.

Ways to pay Century Link bills

Century Link bills can be paid via number of methods. You may visit a Century Link store, and pay the bill in cash. You may call them over phone and make the payment by providing your card details. You may also send them the payment by mail by sending your check or money order at their mailing address. You may sign up to their automatic payment system, so that your bank account is linked with your www.century my account, and the billed amount is automatically deducted every month. You may also log in to the account over the Internet, and pay the bill online.

How to pay Century Link bills from your www.century my account

If you are paying your bill online, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Log on to their site at
  • Click on the ‘My account’ button
    Screenshot 2014-10-14 22.11.06
  • If you are a new customer, you can sign up by clicking on the ‘Enroll’ button
    Screenshot 2014-10-14 22.11.24
  • Existing users can log into their www.century my account by entering their User ID and password
  • Click on the ‘log in’ button
    Screenshot 2014-10-14 22.11.28
  • Your account web page will open, where you can view your account details, manage your account, and make the payment

In case of any queries, you may chat with a Century Link representative by logging on to You may also contact them via phone at 1866-642-0444, or send them an email.

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