Pay Verizon Bills By their payonline Service

verizon logoVerizon is a telecommunications company in US, offering Internet, home phone, FiOS and TV services to thousands of residential and commercial customers in the country. Verizon FiOS services enable fast upload and download speeds, faster video streaming, video chatting and network of TV, printers, computers and other devices at home or office. Create a My Verizon account at Verizon site, after which you will be able to avail their payonline services. payonline services offered by Verizon

In order to avail payonline services, you will have to create an online account on their site. After that, you will be able to access your account details at any time of the day, at your own convenient time and place. Once you log in, you can change your profile, view your paid and unpaid bills, change password, add or change services, and even pay bills online.

Payment methods accepted by payonline

Verizon accepted payments by a multitude of methods. You may send them a check of your payment to their mailing address, or visit their payment location in person to pay the bill in cash. You become entitled to register to their AutoPay system by enrolling for their paperless bills. Paperless billing means that you will no longer receive paper bills, but only in digital format. When you register to their AutoPay service, the billed amount gets automatically deducted from your account every month. Verizon payments can also be made by using your debit or credit card. In addition to all that, payonline service allows you to pay your Verizon bills over the Internet through your My Verizon account.

How to pay payonline ?

You can use payonline service to pay your Verizon bills over the Internet. Here is a step-by-step instructions guide:

  • Log on to their website at
  • Clcik on My Verizon
    Screenshot 2014-09-22 23.54.50
  • Click on ‘Pay My Bill’ button
    Screenshot 2014-09-14 20.10.00
  • A new window will open
    Screenshot 2014-09-14 20.11.10
  • New users can create an account by clicking on ‘Register’ button, while existing users can log in by filling their login details
  • This will open their online account page, from where they can manage their account and pay their Verizon bill

If you want more information, you can find their direct contact details at You may contact them via phone or email, or send them an online query.

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