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lowes Credit logoLowe’s is an American chain of home appliance and improvement retail stores. With around 1750 stores across US, Canada and Mexico, the company offers a wide range of kitchen and bathroom essentials, building supplies, home décor, electrical equipments, flooring, hardware and plumbing components etc. To become more accessible to their customers, they have an online presence at Their online customers can avail their credit card, which they can use to make purchases and save money by availing their special offers. credit card benefits credit holders can choose from three different savings options. They can either choose the 5% off on purchases everyday, special financing for 6 months or special financing for 84 months on minimum purchase amount. credit card holders also have a special ID, with which they can log in to their online credit account, and avail their services over the Internet.

Application and Activation process of credit card

Lowes offers a credit card from Synchrony Bank. You can apply for your credit card online, choosing your card’s design, and providing them some of your personal and financial details. After receiving your card, you have to again log on to the site, and activate it by giving your account number. Once it has been activated, you will be able to update your account information, manage your Lowes products and services, view your account information, review your past and present bills, and pay your bills online.

How to pay credit card payments online

If you want to pay your Lowes bills online, then here is the step-by-step procedure you will have to follow:

  • Log on to their website at
  • Hover mouse over ‘Your account’ and click on ‘credit card services’
    Screenshot 2014-09-19 13.49.07
  • You will be redirected to a new url
  • Click on the ‘pay bill’ option
    Screenshot 2014-09-19 13.49.21
  • It will redirect you to another new url
  • Choose your card
    Screenshot 2014-09-19 13.49.37
  • Enter your user ID, and then click on the ‘sign in’ button
    Screenshot 2014-09-19 13.49.42
  • Your account web page will open. Now you can mange your account online and make your bill payment

For more information on credit services, you can contact them on phone at 1-800-445-6937, or refer to their FAQs at

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  1. Bonita says:

    Wanting to apply for a credit card cant get through

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