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Pay Your Comcast Bill At www.Comcast.com

comcast logoComcast offers its customers a number of telecommunications and media services with the most popular being their cable television, home phone and internet connectivity. Although the company has its primary location in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the services they provide are mostly across the country and they have almost half a dozen corporate offices throughout the United States. In fact, their reach is so widespread that they are the single largest cable distribution company in the country and their reach extends to over 80 percent of states. Further showing the company’s dedication to television and media programming, they own NBC Universal, which means they have a direct hand in the development and distribution of many popular television programs. In-depth information about the company, its services and their part in NBC can be found at www.comcast.com.

Customer Services Offered through www.Comcast.com

By registering for access at www.comcast.com, users can view and pay their bills online, schedule automated payments from a bank account, manage Comcast alerts and look for the nearest authorized payment center. These Comcast payment centers are a great choice for those who are not comfortable with paying bills online or posting various pieces of personal or financial information over the internet.

View and Pay Your Bill at www.comcast.com

You can see your online statement at www.comcast.com, so that you no longer have to wait for your copy of a Comcast bill to arrive in the mail before you can actually pay it. You can view your current bill at the site as well as the past 12 monthly invoices. This helps keep an online record of your Comcast service usage should you ever need the proof. Additionally, customers can register to the paperless bill service, which lets you receive your bills online only rather than wasting paper by receiver mail. With this service, you can view and pay your Comcast bills online in an easy, safe and environmentally-friendly manner. Customers can also register a cell phone number to receive bill alerts whenever they are ready.

Online bill payment steps:

  • Visit the Comcast website at comcast.com
  • Click ‘My Account’ on top of the page
    Screenshot 2014-09-10 14.59.43
  • You will be redirected to https://login.comcast.net/login?continue=%2fOverview%2f&s=ccentral-cima&r=comcast.net
  • New users should click ‘create account’ button, and enter required details to make their login credentials
    Screenshot 2014-09-10 15.00.40
  • If you are an existing user, you can log in to the site by entering your email address or username as well as your password
    Screenshot 2014-09-10 15.00.44
  • Your account webpage will open, from where you can view and pay your Comcast bills and manage your subscriptions
For more information, you can check out the Comcast customer service page at http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/ or call their help and support line by dialing 1-800-934-6489.
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