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GapCard Benefits at eService.Gap.com


Most famous for their laid back style, especially their jeans, Gap is somewhat of a modern classic as far as the American fashion industry is concerned. The brand can be found all over the country and Gap Inc. is the owners of a handful of other popular shopping destinations like Old Navy and Banana Republic.

Get Your GapCard at eService.Gap.com

For those who qualify, customers can receive a Gap store credit card, which is often referred to as the GapCard. This enables them to get a $10 gift card as a reward for each $200 spent online or in stores with the GapCard. This store credit card is also accepted at a number of gas stations, restaurants, pharmacies and grocery stores, so that you can quickly accumulate reward points and stake a claim in a number of those gift cards. Once you reach $800 spent with your GapCard over the course of a year, you will get upgraded to a GapSilver card, benefits of which include free shipping on online purchases, among others. You can log in to your GapCard online management account by logging on to eservice.gap.com. From there, you can access and look over all the benefits the card offers.

eService.Gap.com GiftCard for Your Loved Ones

If you want to give a unique gift to your loved ones, you can send them a GiftCard so they can shop for themselves at their favorite stores like Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime or Athleta. When ordered, the GiftCard will reach the person within three to five business days. If you don’t have that much time, you may also send an eGiftCard. The eGiftCard will hit their email within a matter of hours, and you can even customize it with a photo and special message.

Manage Your GapCard Account at eService.Gap.com

By logging in to your GapCard account at eservice.gap.com, you can not only pay your Gap bills online, but also view your balance, your account details and transaction history, track your reward points and much more. To be able to manage your account and pay your GapCard bill online, follow these steps:

Further information can be gained by contacting Gap via Twitter or Facebook, or by calling their customer service at 1-800-427-7895.

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