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Methods of Intermountain Gas Company Bill Pay

Intermountain Gas Company logoIntermountain Gas Company is an Idaho based company dedicated to distributing natural gas to around 320,000 houses and offices in southern Idaho. An MDU subsidiary, this company is known to deliver extraordinary customer service to its clients, along with numerous Intermountain Gas Company Bill Pay methods and facilities. In order to make things more comfortable for the customers, they also allow their residential as well as commercial and industrial customers to create an account on their site, so that each and every customer receives individual attention and facilities.

Numerous Intermountain Gas Company Bill Pay methods accepted

You may visit any of their payment locations, and pay the bill in cash, money order or check. You must have received a bill stub with your bill. You may attach your check or money order with this stub, and send it to the company’s mailing address in Idaho. You may also enroll to their AutoPay service, after which your billed amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account every month. You may visit or call BillMatrix to pay your bill via debit or credit card, or through electronic check. The company also offers a level pay plan, under which you can pay an equal amount every month, estimated as per your annual consumption pattern. Intermountain Gas Company bill pay can also be done via Internet, using your US checking account.

Why register to an Intermountain Gas Company bill pay account

By registering to an online account at the company’s site, you can view your paid and unpaid bills, and access your account information 24/7. Intermountain Gas Company bill pay online also helps you save the environment, as when you pay online, you save trees, gasoline, postage and paper. By viewing your past bills and transaction history, you can monitor your usage patterns and payment details.
How to pay Intermountain Gas Company bill online

Intermountain Gas Company bill pay can be done online by following these steps:

  • Log on to http://www.intgas.com
  • Existing users can login by entering their username and password, and clicking on the ‘Login’ button
    Screenshot 2014-11-21 18.28.29
  • If you are not already registered to the site, you will have to click on the ‘First Time User? – Register Now’ link
    Screenshot 2014-11-21 18.28.32
  • You will be redirected to https://customer.intgas.com/account/view.action?signup=true
  • Enter the details required and then click on the ‘Sign up’ button
  • You will be redirected to your account web page, from where you can make your payment online

More information can be obtained hovering mouse over ‘Customer Service’ tab, and selecting your option

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