Use Your Credit Account To Pay Your Walmart Bills

wal mart logoWalmart is a US based chain of retail stores, with around 11,000 outlets in 27 different countries, being operational under 55 different names. They have also made separate ecommerce websites for 10 different countries over the Internet. You can purchase almost everything from a Walmart online or offline store, including electronics, apparel, toys, movies, books, groceries, sports and fitness products, health supplements etc. They offer Walmart MasterCard and credit card to their customers, allowing them to make their purchases in a much easier and faster manner. Once you receive your card, you will have to register it to get a credit account.

What you can do with your credit account

By creating a credit account, you will be able to avail all the facilities and services offered by Walmart online. By logging in to this account, you can manage your Walmart vault, send money and gift cards to your loved ones, and even pay your bills over the Internet. Not only this, you can also setup alerts from Walmart, view your e-statements online, and review your bonus rewards you receive on your card.

Payment methods accepted by Walmart

Walmart accepts payments with American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa credit cards. You can also use your Walmart MasterCard or credit card to pay your bills. You may also pay your bills using your debit, ATM or check card, in addition to the Walmart MoneyCard. You may send gift cards or egift cards to your loved ones, who can use them to make their purchases and pay their bills. Walmart also accepts payments in cash, check, money order and EBT. You may link BML account to a PayPal account, and use PayPal to pay your Walmart bills. In addition to all these, payments can also be made online through your credit account.

How to pay bills through credit account

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Log on
  • Go to the website’s footer under “Financial services”, and click on ‘walmart credit cards’
    Screenshot 2014-09-10 15.13.49
  • You will be redirected to
  • New users can apply for the card, while existing users can click on “access your account and pay your bill”
    Screenshot 2014-09-10 15.14.09
  • You will be redirected to
  • Now you can log in to the website using your user ID
    Screenshot 2014-09-10 15.14.30
  • From the new web account page, you can manage your account and make the payment

For more information, refer to their FAQs at


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