Walton emc natural gas pay bill

walton emc natural gas logoWalton EMC is one-of-its kind natural gas company, supplying natural gas to residential as well as commercial customers in Georgia. It is unique because of the option of variable rate plan you can choose. Under this plan, they change their gas rates every month, as per the current supply and demand in the market. Keeping customer convenience in mind, they allow walton emc natural gas pay bill to be done with a number of methods.

Accepted methods for walton emc natural gas pay bill

By enrolling to their Automatic Bank draft facility, your billed amount is automatically deducted from your bank account every month on the due date. You may use an e-check to pay the bill by Internet or phone. If you are paying your bill with your credit card via online, phone or walk-in, the company accepts Visa, Discover and MasterCard cards only. The envelope and bill stub you received your bill can be attached with your payment check or money order, and send to their mailing address by post. Walk-in payments can be done at any of their payment locations using money order, check, credit card or cash.

Online walton emc natural gas pay bill

In order to stay 24/7 available to their customers, the company allows them to pay their bills online too. All you have to do is to create an online account at the company’s website, and enter your card or bank account details to complete the payment.

How online walton emc natural gas pay bill is done

While paying your bill online, you will have to follow these simple steps:

For more information on walton emc natural gas pay bill, you can call their customer service center and talk to a representative.

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